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Something new is coming soon, please bear with me while the changes are going through, but I'm starting a new adventure shortly.

You may have noticed that the logo has been updated, this is to support the changes coming through in the coming weeks.

I've ventured into the world of engineering and laser cutting, I've always had my eye on a laser cutting since secondary school and being in absolute awe of the machine they had, along with the aesthetic and accuracy of it at work.

I finally pulled the trigger mid last year having a basic knowledge of X,Y axis machines. From here I have been learning from scratch both making mistakes and finding things that work.  

I have learnt a lot about both the preparing of files and the process of making sure the cuts are as clean and efficient as possible, not to mention the appropriate maintenance and cleaning of the machine which is required for longevity of the components.

I have completed a couple of projects so far which will be documented in due course. There are a few projects in the pipeline some planned as presents others planned for listing on Esty for purchase either fully handmade or as just the laser files.

Exciting things are coming....